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Fez day guided trip ...

Fez tour by local, for spending a day with a local guide and a professional driver. Certainly, to easily tour the Medina of Fez’s cultural, historical, Islamic, and attractive features both inside and beyond the city. So, while visiting the imperial city of “Fez,” don’t miss out on this occasion.

Fez tour by local


Our cultural Fez tour by local provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on an extraordinary journey while on your travels.

You start your day At 10:00 a.m., a comfortable, air-conditioned car will pick you up from your hotel. Begin your tour to Fez tour by local at Merinyene, where you can get a bird’s eye perspective of the city and see the gorgeous blue gate that leads into the Medina.

Fez tour by local

Discover about the Royal Palace Gate, which is a miniature of the Royal Palace Gate composed of copper, marble, and zellij pieces (Mosaic). After that, go to the Janan Sabil Garden in the Jewish Quarter.

To profit from the advantages of clean, healthy air. Visit the lovely Fez tour by local Ramparts and take in the panoramic view from the historic museum Borj Nord & Borj Sud.

Complete the trip outside the Medina by visiting a Fez tour by a local ceramics and mosaic understudy school. (Have a midday break at a close by coffee shop)

After that, go to Africa’s biggest tannery, Chouara, where laborers make excellent calfskin utilizing just naturals.

Afterward explore Islamic schools, starting with the University and the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, which has a special position that has had a massive effect on Fez’ growth. 

After that, you can continue on to different schools. The Madrasa Bouanania, for example, is a prominent example of Merinid architecture, having been built between 1351 and 1356 AD. If you need to view specific places or heritage landmarks during your day tour in Fez, we can accommodate you, and the best way to end is to visit the museums of Batha which are considered The Batha Museum in the scientific capital… The memory of traditional crafts, More than a century has passed since the Batha Museum was established deep in the old city of Fez, and this space with its Moroccan-Andalusian architecture still bears witness to an important part of Moroccan history, as its galleries include a number of exhibits of ceramics, war machines, and ornamental tools and costumes.

The rooms of the Batha Museum still bear witness to past Moroccan history, but it is still alive through the products that were created by the hand of the traditional Moroccan craftsman centuries ago, which stand firmly behind the glass of the showcases, guarded by the eyes of the guards, who watch the visitors from afar.

According to the identification paper hanging near its door, the Batha Museum is located inside a palace built by order of the Aalawie Sultan, Hassan I. This palace was prepared for royal receptions and for the senior guests of the sultan, and covers an area of 4,400 square meters, 60% of which is occupied by a garden. The Batha Museum of Fez is distinguished by its proximity to many famous historical and natural monuments, such as the Blue Gate (Bab Boujloud) and the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, and other distinctive tourist sites of Fez

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