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Fez sightseeing tour will take you back in time ...
More about Fez Morocco guided tour:

Fez Morocco guided tour

The Universities of Oxford or the Sorbonne were not the world’s oldest institutions; in fact, the University of Al-Qarawiyyin was the oldest university in the world. It can be found in Fez El Bali.

This strengthened city, which has been classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, will carry you back to the Middle Ages.

¬†Visit the ancient city’s labyrinthine old quarters before heading to Fez El Bali and the spectacular Four Gates of Fez, which feature distinctive Moroccan artwork. Go on foot, because the new transportation does not have the way into the old Medina except inside the city of fez:

Fez Morocco guided tour

  • Fez Morocco guided tour will take you back in time to discover the secrets of this magical city, the capital of medieval Morocco. Start your half-day walk at the Batha Museum of the heritage of the Fez region, then discover all the gates that surrounded the fascinating city by the architect who takes you back to the golden age of Islam to illustrate the Bab Boujould gate, and visit the mid-14th century Bou Inania Medersa (a Koranic school).

Fez Morocco guided tour

  • Fez Morocco guided tour will get you to the center of the Medina, take a walk down one of the two main streets. You’ll stop in the carpenters’ quarter, which has a lovely fountain. The wood museum and the henna souk are also worth a visit. From the outside, you can see and take photographs, the labyrinth of the fez city refers to the big old medina in the world which founder Fatima El Fihria and Quarawyyin mosque the famous place (the oldest university in the world, founded in 859) can enter to it from different doors. After that, check out the tanneries, the brass yard, and the dyers, which are the most important aspects of the craft.
  • The water source of Sidi Harazem is one of the oldest natural water sources discovered in Morocco. The place still retains its vitality as one of the most significant tourists and hospitality sites for the quality of its water, and this landmark “Hama” Sidi Harazem, which is separated a few kilometers east of Fez, is a refuge for the city’s inhabitants. During the summer, as it turns into a pilgrimage to which visitors come from all sides. Unlike the other springs scattered in Morocco, the spring of Sidi Harazem is considered an open park because of the vastness of its place and the beauty of the charming nature that surrounds it.

The area around Fez is full of charming tourist sites that you can’t even find in any other city or destination like Fez because everything is available from the tourist places such as Riads/Hotels 5 stars, the mountain places, downtown, Borj Fez is a mall, where you can take a stamp or a memory and all of this offered with Fez Morocco guided tour.

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