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For a more complete but relaxed tour of Fez ...

Fez guided tour

Fez…the capital of the Arab and Islamic Maghreb.

It was called by that name, as (Idris I) struck the first ax on this land, marking the start of construction work on the city in 789 AD.

One of the most beautiful tourist cities in Morocco and the world. It is divided into old and new Fez and French Fez. We definitely invite you to visit it and enjoy a charming character that is rarely repeated in the tourist cities of the world.

And now. What do you know about the best tourist places in Fez?

If you have ever had visited  Fez, I would seriously rethink going there, it is a scenic city and its inhabitants are so generous.

We offer you a 2-day tour to Fez, which comprises a Fez guide tour :

The first day is devoted to traditional cuisine as to take Raiib also known as Danone is one famous dessert in Fez Medina, Next take a walk into the old Medina where you can see the old houses like Riads, the Palaces and the and hotels and the perfection of the architect of the golden age of Islam which has a special way of building and carving in wood and gypsum which are they hanging in the roof that gives a perfect view. Also, the courtyard refers to traditional houses of Islamic because this city was called the capital of science and culture cause the majority of scholars even Islamic or Christian are studied and graduated from the oldest the university in the world El-Quarawiyyen which is considered the oldest center of learning such as the scholars Ibn-battuta, Ibn Khaldun …etc. This city of Islamic is devoted to historical themes such as museums, Medersas, panoramic views, and Jewish heritage.

Fez guided tour

The second day will be dedicated to the old and traditional crafts that define Fez’s history and museums and home of guns is called ‘Dar sselah’ Musesun Batha where you can find every kind of the oldest guns which are participating in every part of civil war between the tribes and the guns of barbers who are the native’s people of Morocco and discover the guns of Amazigh all of that you can explore it with Fez guided tour

The old Medina of Fez city It’s known for its remarkable architecture in the form of Riads, Palaces, museums, and Medersas, as well as its bustling souks and craft markets.

Fez guided tour

Wooden Arts and Crafts Museum: The Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts is a historic building in Fez, Morocco, that displays a large collection of antique woodwork and sculptures. It is one of the town’s most appealing monuments. The museum depicts the history and uniqueness of carpentry and wood arts in Fez, making it one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. 

To continue your day I advise discovering the food that belongs to fez such as Meat Taggin, Baghrire in English-pancake- Harira called -soup- Bastilla is perfect what the cuisine of fez that made and some sweet to finish your day like Chabakkia, Kaab-Alghazal are goes as with tea.

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Two Days Fez Tour - Fez Grand Tour

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